ESO (European School of Oncology), ECO (European Cancer Organisation) and All.Can among others have published position papers on the topic of efficiency improvement in cancer care. However, concrete international action to attain some of the goals has not yet emerged, even though there are many examples that could pave the way towards more patient-friendly cancer care, with less waste and better results.
In November 2019, a joint ESO-SPCC Efficiency Task Force was established, supported by an unrestricted education grant from BMS. It took place in Milan with the aim to design a strategy to help the different actors involved in cancer care, optimize the patient journey, tackling challenges from different points of view.
An article summarising the Task Force discussions was published in March 2020 in the online magazine Cancerworld.
As its final result, the Task Force helped to structure a training programme to be promoted, rolled out and continuously implemented over a two-year period (2020-2021). The main aim of the project is to scale-up and implement proven concepts for reducing inefficiencies in cancer care, supporting a patient-centric vision and the sustainability of healthcare systems, whilst improving outcomes.
Two virtual meetings were held in May and July 2020 to further develop the topic and explore the interest of different stakeholders and actors involved in the cancer care journey. The project is to design and develop a new Health Care Professionals international educational programme in oncology on the theme of “Efficiency in cancer care”.
SPCC (Sharing Progress in Cancer Care) has decided to involve All.Can and SDA Bocconi School of Management in the project, to develop a plan of action with key organisations who have recognised and differentiated capabilities.
The scope of the project is to develop a collaborative research and educational project targeted at heads of clinics and healthcare professionals on cancer care efficiency.
The project will be driven by a three-party collaboration between SPCC, All.Can and SDA Bocconi School of Management.
All three partners will strategically guide and communicate jointly during the programme delivery phases. The project will include three essential elements, which aim at content development and content delivery:
- an educational curriculum with international education webinars;
- an outreach and advocacy program towards policy makers and key stakeholders;
- an academic analysis (methodology and impact assessment).

The project objectives are the following:
 - To build an international curriculum developed thanks to the organization of a series of educational webinars (started in December 2020, see below for more information) on “Spotlights on Improving Efficiency in Cancer Care”. The webinars are dedicated to the development of efficiency projects in different geographical areas in the world, leveraging previous contents by All.Can, ESO and SPCC.
- To develop a review paper on methodologies to evaluate outcomes in the field of cancer care efficiency. The efficiency concept will be considered and measured from a systemic, population and individual health perspective. It will be built on previous research work conducted by IHE (The Swedish Institute for Health Economics) and All.Can.
- To select three ongoing programmes with a focus on efficiency in cancer care (e.g. PROCHE) and scale those up in the clinics.
- To assess the impact of selected projects and align them with the All.Can efficiency definition metrics and inform with updates.
- To engage with external stakeholders and policy makers on evidence-based recommendations resulting from the paper.

Peer Review Paper
A Peer Review Paper, developed by SDA Bocconi School of Management with All.Can and SPCC, is available here.
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