Medical practices and knowledge are continuously and rapidly evolving. New diagnostics tests, therapies and recommendations are always added to the market and studies are constantly performed to reassess relative efficacies of current treatment options. Continuing education addresses these issues in order to keep clinicians up-to-date on new information, as well as reinforce quality information. Patients also have ongoing educational needs related to health literacy and understanding treatment options.

The initiative foresaw 4 short podcasts and 4 Meet the expert webinars in Geriatric Oncology.
The rationale for the joint project was:
- To develop innovative learning methods and tools
- To ensure access to increasing number of health professionals
- To close the educational gap in oncology for elderly patients

Learning Objectives
The project tried to achieve the following objectives:
- To share the best practices in Geriatric Oncology
- To keep clinicians up-to-date on new information with new learning methods
- To measure the grade of knowledge through CME questionnaires for physicians

Sharing Progress in Cancer Care wishes to express its appreciation to Helsinn and Sanofi Genzyme for their independent support (sponsoring and/or educational grants).
16.10.2023 09:00 CEST
Aapro Matti, Coleman Robert
30.10.2023 09:00 CEST
Battisti Nicolò Matteo Luca, Waterhouse Jasmin
12.12.2023 15:00 CEST
Rembielak Agata, Zalaudek Iris
Muscaritoli Maurizio, Pattwell Megan
18.09.2023 18:00 CEST
Montroni Isacco, Audisio Riccardo A., Saur Nicole M.
12.10.2023 18:00 CEST
Wildes Tanya M, Neuendorff Nina, Rosko Ashley E
06.12.2023 17:00 CEST
Dumas Lucy, Lichtman Stuart, Tew William P.
11.12.2023 18:00 CEST
Scotté Florian, Brain Etienne, Lustberg Maryam