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Behind every drug there is a story: bringing the human experience back into drug development
Oncology drug development has seen massive expansion in the past couple of decades. Paradigm shifting treatments have entered the scene and are excelling in delivering outcomes of response and survival. Across solid tumors and hematological malignancies, drug classes that are now available, including immunotherapies, cell-based therapies, as well as small molecules to previously undruggable targets, are now a reality.
But, how did this come to be? What were the beginnings of those drugs and how many of them nearly never saw the light of day? What did it take to get them across the finish line, a village or one man’s perseverance and belief? 
We will be addressing these and many other questions, but this time through storytelling as well as data. The stories of these drugs are not sung and told nearly as often as they deserve to be. This SPCC webinar is created with the intention of listening, remembering, and getting reminded, humbled and inspired.
“Behind every drug there is a story” is designed to teach about what it takes to develop a blockbuster in oncology, how the landscape changes and evolves but certain basic principles remain. We do it all for patients.

Aapro Matti

Sharing Progress in Cancer Care and Clinique de Genolier, Bellinzona and Genolier, Switzerland
Filipovic Aleksandra

Imperial College London, London, United Kingdom
Ferrier Graham

Global Medical Lead, GI and Melanoma, Pfizer Oncology Division, Basking Ridge, USA
Fowler Daniel

Chief Medical Officer at Rapa Therapeutics LLC, Rockville, USA