Telemedicine promises to revolutionise care pathways for cancer patients as modern health systems design and conceptualize new ways to manage the entire Cancer Care Continuum, moving from hospital-centered models of care to patient-centered, proximity-based approaches. The fundamental concept is that information and data move, not patients. 
Prior to Covid-19, the world was experiencing an uneven spread of digital health practices, ranging from telemedicine to mobile health. The pandemic has undoubtedly produced an acceleration in the adoption of digital technologies, pushing regions and countries to consolidate projects already in the pipeline, or to move towards a first experience in the application of telemedicine to diagnosis, treatment and care, to limit waiting times and physical contact.
In this perspective, in collaboration with ASCO (American Society in Clinical Oncology), SPCC has launched the first phase of the Telemedicine in Cancer Care in 2021 project. The aim is to promote the topic of telemedicine from the state of the art and its tele-applications around the world, its potential, limitations, barriers and challenges, to the exploration of new frontiers. 
The second phase of the project will focus on how to overcome both barriers and limitations, addressing new challenges through the sharing of best practices on telemedicine applications in the cancer care continuum. The goal is to create the best conditions to implement and integrate telemedicine applications to truly and effectively improve the cancer care pathway, first of all for patients and their relatives, but also for health systems, in terms of cost-effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability.
Project Goals
- To learn how to overcome both barriers and limitations
- To share best practices on telemedicine applications in the cancer care continuum 
- To create the best conditions to implement and integrate telemedicine applications
- To improve the cancer care pathway for Cancer Patients 
- To use telemedicine to improve care in terms of cost-effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability

Project Target Group
HCPs - Cancer Patients Organisations – Oncologists – Researchers - Medical Companies - Cancer Institutes – Universities - Healthcare Public Authorities - Regulatory Policy Bodies – Technological Institutes

Project Approach and Outcomes
The Telemedicine Project Phase 2 will consist of:
- A Project Review Conference followed by 6 reports published in the Cancerworld magazine
- A series of Educational Webinars followed by a report each, published in the Cancerworld magazine.
The Conference and the Webinars will be free of charge and accessible to the audience by registering on SPCC's OncoCorner e-learning platform. The materials will remain available on-demand on OncoCorner. 
Sharing Progress in Cancer Care wishes to express its appreciation to AstraZeneca, Eisai and Pfizer for their independent support (sponsoring and/or educational grants).
06.05.2022 - 07.05.2022
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