On demand webinars


Optimal surgical management of geriatric patients

CME accredited

R. Audisio, SE - I. Montroni, IT - N. Saur, US


Toward a data-enabled cancer screening programme

CME accredited

R. Baptista Leite, PT - V. Muthu, UK - R. Van Den Bergh, NL


A data-driven approach to improve diagnosis

CME accredited

S. Hersey, US - D. Keatley, UK - M. Lawler, UK - N. Normanno, IT - P. Rzadkowska, PL


Breast Cancer Highlights from ASCO Annual Meeting 2023

CME accredited

F. Cardoso, PT - N. Harbeck, DE - S. Paluch-Shimon, IL


AI in Managing Clinical Data and Trials

CME accredited

E. Fishman , US - P. Krusche, CH - C. Luchini, IT - A. Pea, IT - E. Walk, US


Unmet medical needs in metastatic HER2+ breast cancer

CME accredited

G. Curigliano, IT - J. Gligorov, FR - K. Jerzak, CA